Tell us about your property

Describe your property

Most of our landlords send us the information by email, but do not worry - if you would rather just phone us, please do - we would love to hear from you! Our contact details can be found please here and are at the top and bottom of every page.

To enable us to create your listing we will need to know a number of things about your property, do not worry about making it read beautifully, we will do that for you. Please try to answer as best you can the following sections.

Basic details

Tell us how to contact you - we will need your phone number(s) and your mailing address, we will need your bank details so we can pay you your rent, but please do not send us your bank details at this time, we will arrange these aspects over the telephone.

We will need some basic information about your property, such as your address, your postcode, type of property (is it a flat or a house?). To make it easier for people to search for your property we also need to know how many bathrooms and bedrooms it has, and the number of people that can sleep in the property at once.

Property location

We will then need to describe your properties location in a way that tells the reader about the local facilities and services, as well as where it is. A typical description of a location would include where it is and what major transport links it is on. Most visitors are primarily concerned with transport links to the airport and city centre, but if you are near to a local attraction like a castle, a park or a golf course do say so.

Property description

Describe the property - is it old, or new, is it a studio or a flat or a house? Does it have good views? Describe the rooms and the facilities provided (do you have wireless internet or television services?) remember that it is not always obvious from pictures that a bathroom has a bath or that a bedroom has a double bed, so be sure to mention these.

List of facilities and services

Please give a simple list of what is included in the property let, so a potential tenant can tell at a glance what the property will provide them. This will go into the "Whats Included" part of the site and typically contains things like : Welcome pack, Dishwasher, WiFi, Washing Machine, TV, Fridge + Freezer, Towels and Linen.

Photos of your property

This is the last thing we will need, and is the most important ingredient required to make an attractive listing. Most tenants prefer to see the property that they are going to let, be sure to include good quality photos of your property in a standard image format (e.g. jpg or png). Do not worry about image size or dimensions - we will rescale the images for you.